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Why Should I Study Communication and Why It Is Essential in Daily Life?

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Communication is the process of sending and receiving verbal and nonverbal messages between two or more people. Communication usually revolves around a few elements, which are message, source, channel, destination and receiver. The process of communication occurs every day among human, because communication is one of the key elements that drives human thoughts, ideas, opinions and emotions. In the field of human communication, there are a few types of communication that can be observed which are nonverbal communication, oral communication, and written communication. There are a lot of advantages that we can obtain from human communication study.
One of them are communication can help to solve conflicts that happen in daily life. The conflict that will be focused on is revolving around conflicts that occur during interpersonal interaction. Interpersonal conflict is a disagreement between or among connected individual who perceive their goals as incompatible. There are differences between conflicts with family members, partner or best friends with conflicts with stranger or a passer-by, which does not care about our needs and interest. It is more important to solve the conflicts which deal with connected individual that have personal relationship with us first, rather than with stranger or unknown person. This is where communication skills play an important role. In the human communication study, one of the fundamental elements that are being discussed on the field also includes conflict management strategies. By using those strategies, we are able to deal with conflicts effectively. As an example, conflict between a married husband and wife should be handled carefully to maintain the family institution that has been build. Instead of blaming each other, a softer approach can be used to deal with the conflict, such as by spending time to discuss the problem together, and focus on finding solution for the conflict. This is one of the skills that are being taught in human communication study.
          Furthermore, communication can improve the way we see ourselves. Communication is the core element that is very important during the development of an entire person. Most of our knowledge about ourselves is obtained through our communication experience. We learn about ourselves a lot during the intrapersonal communication, which is the communication that we have with ourselves, or in simpler words are thoughts in ourselves. From this type of communication, we judge ourselves, persuade and make decisions. Furthermore, the process of learning about ourselves also take place as we interact with people that are significant in our life, and this type of interaction is called interpersonal communication. Both intrapersonal and interpersonal communication helped us to have a deeper understanding on ourselves and at the same time it also can improve the way we see ourselves. Simultaneously, our self-confidence level will increase, because we already know the required skills that are vital to communicate effectively in various situations after we finished the study of human communication.
          On the other hand, studying communication can teach important life skills. Communication study includes all important skills that can give aid to us in certain conditions or situations. As approach towards understanding and exploring communication skills begin, learner will be exposed to valuable and distinctive skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, conflict resolution and decision making. Learning these skills is not easy, but once mastered we are one-step closer to become a successful person in life. For an instance, as we work on a company, occasionally we are probably required to do some business presentations. By using all communication skills that had been learned, we are able to talk clearly while presenting information from slides, thus making our presentation stands out in front of audiences.
          Learning communication skills can help a lot in improving and strengthening relationship with other people. Our relationships with other people in our life can be influenced by our style of communication. One of the theories that can be used to explain how most relationship works is, relationship start with contact, involvement, intimacy, deterioration, repair and dissolution. This theory showed that a close relationship does not begin immediately upon the first meeting, but it gradually builds through a sequence of stages. The success of our relationship is determined by how effective we can handle conflicts or problems that are being faced. This is where communication skills can be much of help. All the important skills that are included in human communication study are actually very useful in managing interpersonal conflicts, thus enhancing and improving our relationship with other because we are able to handle problems in the relationship effectively.
          Last but not least, communication studies can help people to adapt in new place faster. Communication also occurs among people from different places, with different cultural background and origin. This type of communication is also known as intercultural interaction, and is a common occurrence among travelers, students and foreigners. The success of adapting ourselves to a new place depends on how far we are able to communicate effectively with the people at the place. Being at a different place which is very far away from our homeland, together with unfamiliar environment and way of life can cause anxiety and uncertainty to ourselves, making it difficult for us to accommodate at there. The adaptation process mainly involves understanding the language that is being used, to accept the culture background of the people at the place and lastly the intercultural transformation begin to proceeds. During the adaptation process, a deep effort on how to maximize understandings between ourselves and the people there is required, and this is where communication skills is needed. Different cultural background is one of the factors that limit our ability to communicate effectively. Thus, we need to choose certain style of communication that can be understand by the people there. To achieve this, we need to use communication strategies that focused on intercultural interactions, and this is one of the skills that are included in human communication study.
In a nutshell, studying human communication has a lot of benefits to its learner. Communication is an on-going process throughout life, and it is a matter that cannot be avoided by human. The advantages of studying communication that has been described in this essay are it can help to solve conflicts, improve the way we see ourselves, teach important life skills, improving relationship with other people, and help people to adapt in new place faster. Therefore, it is also has proven that communication skill is one of the most essential skills for human because it can assist them as they are going throughout their life. 

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wireless Charging: One Step Forward to A Better Life

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          “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Imagine in the future where we do not have to use traditional and unconventional bulky charger anymore to fully charge our devices and electronic appliances to the maximum power. The older method of charging electronic gadget is very inconvenient, because our digital gadget need to be attached to cable, and plugged into the socket. This is why inductive charging or also known as wireless charging was invented, and yes, it does not require any single wire or cable. This method of charging uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two different objects. From this technology, it is proven that without artificial interconnecting conductors, the transmission of energy from a device to device is still possible. The wireless transmission of energy is much common in all over the world. If you realized, radio waves are energy, and they are used by human to send and receive cell phone, television and WiFi (wireless fidelity) every day. After years by years, scientists started to develop a method of charging devices which is different from what we see today, by using the concept of wireless transfer of energy.
          The idea of wireless charging may sounds futuristic, or at least interesting to know and learn about, but it is not particularly new. The concept of wireless power transmission had been proposed by a scientist named Nicole Tesla, in the late of 1800s and early 1900s. One of his experiments involved remotely powering lights, demonstrated in his lab at Colorado Springs. Tesla’ work was impressive, but it did not spread widely during his time. Since then, a lot of scientists and inventors have developed several ways to allow the transfer of electricity in a long distance without using wires. Today, the wireless charging technology has been started to be implemented on electrical devices, and electric toothbrushes are among the first to receive it.
          The usage of inductive charging is very useful, especially during condition where electrical charge may cause dangerous hazard when it is used in wet place like in a bathroom or washroom. This is where wireless charging plays an important role, as the transfer of energy from one place to another without making contact with any surface. On the other hand, this technology is also useful when it comes to the situation where there is not enough socket available at the place. In one condition, especially for traveler, they may have forgotten to bring their device’s charger, so they can just use the wireless charging.
          There are a few concepts are used to ensure that the wireless charging is made possible. This charging method works by inducing an electric current in a coil wire from one device, and the current are transferred wirelessly to another device. Another way is by using a tower which acts as the source of energy, and spread all of the energy from the tower to receivers, which are electrical appliances or digital gadgets. In the future, it is expected after a lot of works from developers and pioneers of this technology, that they also may allow the transfer of energy by using Bluetooth technology.   
          Looking at this technology, and what it can do, it’s for sure there are a lot of advantages can be squeezed from it. It is capable to act as a universal charger. Most of devices that are equipped with WiFi capability may absorb energy just in an instance they are placed in the area of wireless charging station, regardless of which brands or vendors that sold the device. This technology is also flexible, making it stands out by giving multiple choice of usage to its user. They can choose whether to use it for charging their devices, or for surfing internet, or both. Everything is at ease with this technology. The problem of not having enough electrical sockets available in the house also can be solved, because of this technology.
          However, there are also some problems may come out to surface on the behalf of this technology.  Inductive charging has lower efficiency compared to direct-contact charging because by the current time, the technology only allow a little amount of energy transfer from devices to devices that it might take forever to charge the devices. Furthermore, the method of charging also only made possible between devices that placed closely to the source of energy, making it difficult to charge devices from places that are much too far, even though they are still in the same building. Another drawback of the technology is its implementation use lower frequencies causing it to charge devices slowly, and while this process are still continuing, it may also generate heat in a great amount at the same time. The consequences are, devices involved in this charging method are exposed to the danger of damaged physical  as they need to extent much amount heat, in a very long period.
          In a nutshell, wireless or inductive charging is an impressive human invention, because it opened numbers of opportunities for us, even though there is still much to do in order to improve the technology.  It is a great example of the fusion between technology and creativity. Business companies and corporations should invest more on this technology, because it has a bright future, and to make it better, a lot of researches need to be done before it is fully implemented in our daily life. 

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